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Fast Fashion & Lifestyle apparel retailers are making investments in shoring up digital capabilities across fulfillment initiatives, order and inventory management, sustainable practices, personalization and virtual immersive experiences.

What you will learn

By downloading the Industry Playbook for Fast Fashion & Lifestyle you will learn:

What table stakes and differentiating capabilities are critical to this vertical
What Leaders do that sets them apart from non-Leaders.
What retailers need to do to address the maturity gaps.

This industry playbook is based on insights from the 2023 Unified Commerce Benchmark Index for Specialty Retail. Based on actual purchases, returns, and customer journeys across digital and physical channels, this benchmark is the first-of-its-kind research that evaluates 124 global brands in 11 specialty retail segments covering 280+ attributes to reveal the leading Unified Commerce retailers in the United States and the opportunities for others to improve their operations.

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